Perspectives on new models of governance for sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean


BEST MED and SMARTMED are two PANORAMED's Strategic Projects on Coastal Maritime Tourism funded by the Interreg MED Programme. Focusing respectively on tourism sustainability and empowerment of tourism actors, the two projects aim to develop and implement sustainable tourism models to improve different aspects of integrated tourism planning in the Mediterranean, making the most of their exceptional complementary.


The Joint Seminar co-organised by BEST MED and SMARTMED project partnerships represented a first milestone for the two Strategic Projects, that are now just around half-way through their duration.

The event was the perfect opportunity to present the preliminary findings of both projects, discuss their replicability potential but also interact with relevant stakeholders. In this sense, in addition to facilitating the exchange of information and ideas and discussing common issues and solutions between the two projects, the seminar intended also to contribute to the explotation and coordination of complementarities and synergies for the benefit of the overall sustainable tourism governance in the Mediterranean.

The first part of the seminar was dedicated to the presentation of the methodology implemented and main results achieved and expected by the two projects. While in the second half of the event a round table  focused on the possible ways to integrate results and work on a joint transferring strategy, also ensuring an active role of relevant stakeholders in this strategic dialogue.

The discussions and conclusions of this dialogue will guide the next implementation stepts and help define future common actions. 

Look at the video recordings of the event: 


General Purpose 

The Joint Transferring Seminar aims (online event) to reflect on how the preliminary results of the SPs - in particular, the respective models developed - could be replicated, with the necessary adaptations, beyond the project scope in different territories, involving interested actors and stakeholders.

Specific objectives:

  • To present preliminary findings of the two SPs, with focus on the models developed.
  • To outline the implementation of the SPs models in the respective testing phases.
  • To facilitate the exchange between the two SPs, sharing views on how to successfully transfer preliminary results and ensure an active role of relevant stakeholders in strategic dialogue.
  • To exploit complementarities and synergies with other MED projects and initiatives in the process of transferring, coordinating efforts and actions for an effective replication of results.

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