Tourism in the Mediterranean. Study on the impacts of COVID-19

This study intends to provide an overview of its state of the art from the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions-Intermediterranean Commission (CPMR-ICM) perspective and experience of it member regions.

The study “Tourism in the Mediterranean. State of the art, impacts and measures following the COVID-19 crisis: an opportunity for the sector to evolve towards more sustainability” was presented during CPMR-ICM General Assembly last 26th October 2020. The thematic session welcomed the presentation of the study of the CPMR-Intermediterranean Commission on the impacts of tourism in the context of the pandemic, at global and regional level, and the perspectives on the transformations of the sector towards sustainable tourism.

The concept of sustainability should be understood as addressing all its three components: economic, social and environmental. The CPMR-IMC priorities and actions related to Sustainable Tourism is described also in a dedicated section of the document, with particular attention to the Political Agenda on Sustainable Tourism: “Promoting Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean Regions” described by its members in 2018.

The Intermediterranean Commission General Assembly addressed key messages in its Political Declaration for the sustainable recovery of the tourism sector. The CPMR Intermediterranean Commission General Assembly took place online last 26 October 2020, replacing a face-to-face event initially scheduled for May 2020 in Seville.

CPMR-ICM is partner of BEST MED Project in which is the coordinator of WP6 Capitalising.