When & where

BEST MED project, had its official start in November 2019 and will proceed with activities for a period of 33 months till end June 2022.

The countries of the Mediterranean face a double challenge: to preserve their natural resources and to guarantee the quality of life of their citizens without renouncing tourism as a source of wealth and a driving force for the economy. Public authorities agree on the importance of raising awareness to implement sustainability in all areas of government.

All actors are aware of the need to share experiences between administrations and raise awareness. 

More sustainable tourism means attracting from nearby territories who can be incorporated into the city life. In this sense, this project will carry out the activities in different areas within the countries that are part of the partnership, considering this areas as poles of tourism activity that are linked to each other. The different areas of action include coastal areas, urban areas, islands and rural areas.

The Partnership of BEST MED project is composed of 10 partners from 8 European countries of the Mediterranean basin. The project cover 7 EU countries: Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia and Greece. And has also one potential candidate country to the UE: Montenegro.